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Mirror mirror on the wall

who has the best spot of them all?

Get the recognition you deserve.

So you created amazing spots. Your clients love you. Your peers respect your craft. ReelSEO and Spot Trender team up to celebrate your creative prowess. The Spot Contest is designed for you to get the recognition you deserve.

The concept is simple. You pick your best spot and send it to us. We'll do all the hardwork to invite ReelSummit attendees and experts around the world to rate your spot. Sit back, relax, and be recognized. The winning spot will be played at ReelSummit for all to see.

Why participate?

Receive feedback and validation from the web's leading video marketers, visionaries, and experts. High-profile, repeat attendees include:

Gain publicity for you and your agency. Most loved spots will be played at ReelSummit for all to see.

Inspire others with your mastery. Give advice and insights on videos for the new generation to hone their craft. Solidify your status as a legendary mentor, not to mention spot critique extraordinaire. It's fun to be a master.

By sharing your work and seeing others' work you will get to know your fellow attendees better and have something to talk with them about when you meet.

How it works

1. Get your best spot

Upload your best spot on YouTube.

2. Submit your spot.

Create an account on Spot Trender and submit your spot.

3. Rate your peers' videos here

After July 25th, you will receive a personal invitation to rate your peers' spots. You can also click here to give your feedback on spots.

4. Winning!

The winner will be declared at the end of ReelSEO Conference. Bragging rights included.

Submit your Spot

Click on the button below and submit your spot before July 25th to be part of the ReelSummit Best Spot Contest.

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